How to Repair Invalid Word 2007 File Format Error?

As a computer user you might have come across a situation where your Word file on Word 2007 application refuses to open and shows different type of errors such as Word 2007 file format is not valid, invalid Word file format, etc. Thus, if you are the one having similar kind of issue where your Word 2007 file is not being accessed by you and instead it makes you to face several unknown error, then be cool and calm you have arrived at right place. Here you will be explained about a tool well known as Microsoft Word repair tool that can easily fix error MS Word 2007 file format is invalid in just a matter of seconds. Basically, such types of error messages are shown due to corruption of Word file. When you create a Word file using Word 2007, then by default its file type is set to .docx. But, when your Word document gets corrupted, then it makes you face errors among which some might be known or unknown to you. One such error is file format invalid that is communicated to you, the moment you try to open it, error. In such instances, you need an efficient tool to repair Corrupt docx files one like Repair Microsoft Word software.

The major reason behind the corruption of Word 2007 file could be round tripping of your Word file. When you continuously change the file format of your World file in a cyclic manner, for example from .doc to some other file type and again in .doc format, then it may get corrupt. Due to this, your might face Word 2007 file format is not valid error and you won’t be able to access its content without repairing it. There comes Microsoft Word repair tool which can knows how to perform invalid file format Word 2007 repair and restore all the content of damaged Word file. Hence, if you wish to know how the software actually works to recover contents from damaged Word document, then check out the given link:

Another reason where you might get invalid Word 2007 File Format error is virus or malware attack. there is chance that virus may make some chances in your file property as a result of which it starts behaving in a strange manner. This problem takes a serious form when your crucial file becomes corrupt which is having no separate back up. But, million thanks to Microsoft Word repair application which is specially designed with the aim to fix corruption issues of Word file. This application could be the best solution of the question how to repair invalid file format word 2007 error. This effective toolkit can fix error MS Word 2007 file format is invalid on various versions of Windows operating system. However, if you want to know how this tool actually repairs corrupted or damaged Word 2007 file on Window 8 based computer or laptops, then visit the link:

This is one of the most widely used tools for repairing corrupted Word files with ease. You can fix all type of errors related to your Word file. This software not only repairs Word 2007 Word document, but it also supports all other versions of MS Word like Word 2000, Word 2002 and Word 2010. Thus, if you want to repair Word 2010 document, then Microsoft Word repair tool proves to be the finest application. Once the repair process is over, you can easily see the repaired files and if you are satisfied with the results you can save the recovery session in order to avoid the rescanning process in forthcoming future.

Note: Adding to Word 2007, you can easily fix corrupted Word 2003 file by making use of this tool in a very effective manner. Take glimpse of how this tool works to execute Word 2003 corrupt file repair from this link:

Steps to fix Word 2007 file format is not valid error:

Step 1: Download and install demo version of Microsoft Word repair software on your system and then launch it. From main screen, select "Browse" button to locate your Word file which is showing errors as shown in figure 1.

Word 2007 File Format Is Not Valid - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step B: Once file has been selected, click on Repair button. After this, tool starts repairing process as shown in figure 2.

Word 2007 File Format Is Not Valid - Repairing Word File

Figure 2: Repairing Word File

Step C: Once the Word file is repaired, you can see the preview of fixed file. If you are satisfied with the results, then using its Save feature save the repaired Word document as shown in figure 3.

Word 2007 File Format Is Not Valid - Save Repaired Files

Figure 3: Save Repaired Files

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