How to Fix Broken Word Document???

Word document is used to create project report, writing articles and for many other purposes. It is created using MS Word which is a famous application used across the globe. Word document files are saved with .doc file format and it keeps all its information safe. As a MS Word user you might have come across a situation where your Word file opens with unknown character or unreadable character. This situation of file is called broken and when this happens you won’t be able to edit, add or read its contents. This is really irritating to have situation like this, but fortunately there is a tool called Repair Microsoft Word file that is capable enough to repair broken Word document in an effective manner. However, before I discuss about how this broken Word file repair tool repairs the Word file, let me take you through the possible reasons which makes your Word file broken.

There are many possible reasons why your Word file becomes broken, some of those which are very popular are mentioned under here:

One of the most commonly occurring reasons which makes your word file broken is round tripping. Round tripping is nothing but constantly changing file format of Word file in a cyclic manner. For example - if you first change your Word file extension from .doc to some other file format and again ater you change it to .docx file type and finally you end up with changing it to .doc. In this whole process there is a high chance that your Word file might become broken leading disaster for you. But, luckily you have Repair Microsoft Word that can easily handle this situation and help you to fix broken Word document. Simply take a look over this URL to know more about this tool:

Interruption while transferring Word file from one computer to another is yet another reason which can make your file broken. If transferring process of your Word file gets aborted then chances of loss of information from Word file gets increased which results in broken file of Word document. Broken Word file repair tool mentioned above in this article is capable enough to repair broken Word document with great ease and accuracy.

Apart from above mentioned reasons, there are several other possible reasons too that makes your Word file Broken, but good thing is that you can easily fix broken Word document no matter what is reason behind its corruption. This tool is not only able to repair broken Word MS word file but it can also recover lost text, formatting, link and many other things from broken or damaged Word file. It is an effective tool that helps you to repair broken Word document created on all versions of MS Word document like Word 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 in just a few clicks of mouse. Click here on given link to know how it works to fix broken Word document on Word 2010.

Note: If you are a Word 2007 user and hunting for some trustworthy software to repair MS Word 2007 file, then there is a seperate page. Hop over the given page link that guides you on how to repair and restore contents from corrupted, damaged or broken Word 2007 file:

Steps to repair broken Word document:

Step A: Download and install demo version of this broken Word file repair tool on your system and then launch the tool. After that, select your World file by using the “Browse” button of this tool as shown in Figure 1.

Repair Broken Word Document - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step B: Once your broken Word file is located, click on “Repair” button to repair broken Word document as shown in Figure 2.

Repair Broken Word Document - Repairing Word File

Figure 2: Repairing Word File

Step C: Once the broken Word file repair tool finishes its job, you can “Preview” its repaired content and then Save it as shown in Figure 3.

Repair Broken Word Document - Save Repaired Word File

Figure 3: Save Repaired Word File

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